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Gilgamesh ……… Beautiful Spot light on Iraqi Culture

Nawal Ali

Managing Editor

For readers who have no idea about    Gilgamesh. With ultimate  pride I say   he is a leading character of  a great Iraqi epic   which   based on concept of immortality, tow thirds of  his   are godly   and  the left one is human. of  course   he  went though  so many difficulties  to  find out  what  he  should  actually do  for his    destiny.  
However when first   the journal was   named   after such character. Everyone of the team   felt   how huge the responsibly is.  So all  were  working so hard  with enthusiasm  just  to give   the  name   its credit and  of course to  shed  light on  Iraqi  culture as well as   objective  of  publishing the  journal .

Dear readers  .

Let's leaf through the history of Gilgamesh the journal.  Gilgamesh, one of the  most important Iraqi  cultural  journal .  First published in 1986 by the  Ministry of   Information and  Culture  at that time and it is  still   published till now a days .  despite  the  hard  times  that  it has  been  exposed to  . starting  with the  Iraqi-  Iranian war then passing through the  crucial period  of the  economical sanctions  that affected  every walks of life ending  with the last  war and its    passive consequences.it is  a periodical  journal  mainly  of modern Iraqi arts  and  cultures. 

well known  writers and  translators   participated provide  the  journal  with so many  articles . Gilgamesh includes main pages such as   poetry, essay ,  short story,  art , book review ,history , folklore  and  interview . But  it  includes  also many other   pages mostly  related to  a  cultural  events  .

it is used to  celebrate  the   great  achievements  of the   Iraqi  talented  cultural  figures    for instance  world  prize  winners  as  many Iraqi won  so many  world prizes in  short story  ,  poetry or even  in writing essays .we  are   proud  that Gilgamesh  is  still fighting to be  published   despite the  lack of  finance  support  as   the whole  country  is  going   through   , yet  we got  the determination to  continue  publishing   it  and  this time  in an  electronic  way .aiming in this   way or  another  to be in touch with our   dear readers  . 

keen readers  will see the  resemblance of   Gilgamesh the  epical character  and the   journal   both were  trying to be   immortal in  different  and  to be   ever lasted memory .   we hope  that  we will be   up to  our reader wishes  .

Pleas  wish  us  luck  and  bless  this  step  (( first electronic edition )).



Issue No.2 2019

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